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It all starts with the air you breathe

We combined nature and cutting-edge technology to deliver an un-matched solution for cleaning your air conditioning systems.
Step into a healthier life with Gaia.

Vigilant care

Indoor air quality is affected by pollutants like bacteria, fungi and CO2, directly impacting our health, wellbeing and productivity. Cleaning our AC is one of the main drivers of fungal growth and aerosolization remediation.
We created Gaia to offer a unique tech-driven, data-based approach to properly cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting air-conditioning systems, exclusively using plant-based, natural products.
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Real-time air quality monitoring

Our device monitors your air quality according to our pre-determined criteria; dust & sand, mold spores, carbon-dioxide levels, formaldehyde, humidity and temperature.
The first analysis is built on 24-48 hours of baseline data collection that, through machine learning, creates an indicator unique to your home or workspace.
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Only nature's best

The only products we use are 100% natural and derived from Tea Tree Oil, which according to recent medical studies "is the most effective anti-fungal agent tested".
Our ethos is to deliver an innovative solution that protects your health, so we will never use products that leave a toxic residue, like those others sometimes use.
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Year long protection

We offer a service that will cover you all year, ensuring we respond before, not after you are at risk.
Our technology will ensure that your air quality is monitored 24/7, and will help determine when and how we respond to protect your health.
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