The newest a/c cleaning and servicing experience: powered by nature and technology

Your home’s dirty little secret…

picture of the interior of a house with plants and wooden parts
Let’s talk A/C. Without it, we’d suffer many miserable sleepless nights. But with it, we can suffer serious health issues.
Why? Because the air quality we breathe at home can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air – pretty shocking given that we spend almost 90% of our time indoors.
We give our families the best when it comes to food, health and happiness so letting them breathe contaminated air really doesn’t make sense. And as for getting your A/C cleaned once in a while with toxic chemicals which linger while also trying to embrace clean-living and sustainability – well that’s kinda crazy.
That's why we decided to start up Gaia Solutions
picture of the interior of a house with plants and wooden parts

Introducing Gaia Solutions...

Gaia Solutions combines innovation with eco-consciousness to bring you a new era of air quality care and a world where your home’s well-being is nurtured by the power of plant-based solutions. Because if your home is healthy then you will be too – simple.
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Here’s how it works…

people exchanging a tea tree plant
So much more than an A/C serving and cleaning service, we’ve banished harmful products and opted for the incredible force of nature instead.
Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to our unique GelAir products, enriched with 100% natural Australian Tea Tree Oil, a proven antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral essential oil which effectively controls all kinds of nasties including staphylococcusaureus, MRSA and VRSA.
We’ve harnessed the latest technologies to optimise every step of our service in the most sustainable and effective way.
The magic begins with high-powered duct cleaning to banish dust and allergens, the delicate removal and disinfection of grills and diffusers, a complete cooling system revival and finally the GelAir Fogging Solution to ensure your ducts breathe purity.
people exchanging a tea tree plant

And it gets better…

Our exclusive technology includes a 24/7 in-home air quality monitor to ensure a swift response to any risks so your family is safeguarded around the clock.
Because a one-off or occasional A/C clean isn’t our style – we genuinely care about the air you breathe and our long-term subscription solutions guarantee clean air, always.
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Your home, your sanctuary!
Contact us for a cleaner, greener and safer home environment.